Frequently Asked Questions: Aircraft for Charter

What is an aircraft charter?

An aircraft charter is basically the rental of an airplane for the exclusive use of the client. It differs from a commercial airline flight, in which the airline operator will sell you a seat on an aircraft going to a pre-determined location. In the private aircraft charter world, we focus on the individual needs and wants of our clients. We can tailor the flight to arrive when and where the client wants – and at a price that works.

What advantages are there to flying via private aircraft charter?

Departures and arrivals are based on the client’s requirements, and all aspects of the aircraft charter are custom-designed to meet the task at hand. Aircraft is selected based on the specific requirements of the client, meaning that no two flights are exactly alike. Also, who likes waiting at the airport at the check-in line or to get through security? With a private charter, you can zip through at the last second, saving you valuable time.

What are some of the reasons to book a private aircraft charter?

There are many reasons to charter a private plane. Some clients travel by private charter for productivity and time savings, privacy, flexibility of itinerary, and/or the ability to access remote locations served only by private landing strips/airports.

Why use a licensed aircraft charter broker? 

Although there are many benefits to chartering your own aircraft, it can become overwhelming trying to navigate the regulatory requirements and making sure you are using a reputable carrier. Our knowledge of the aviation industry makes us best-suited to help you with your specific flight requirements so that you get the best aircraft for your needs.

Also, did you know that since we are licensed under the Office of Consumer Protection (OPC) in Quebec (Permit # 703045), we include end user bankruptcy protection in all our quotes? This bankruptcy protection is administered by the government body – the OPC. Click here for more details.

Who uses private aircraft charters?

Wether you are a corporate travel planner or executive assistant looking to move a group of executives with as little down time as possible, an exploration company looking to do crew rotations, or a family looking to travel to their vacation destination without the nuisance of connecting flights and the long lines at airport security, we can help make it happen.

Can aircraft charters be affordable?

Of course! Most people don’t realize that for distances shorter than 500 miles with more than 4 passengers, you can start to come across prices that are comparable to commercial flights. The only way to truly find out is by giving us a call (514-538-6226). Or submit an online request form. The quote is free.


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