Light Jets for charter

If you don’t see an aircraft listed below, let us know. If it exists, we can get it for you. 

Light Jets

Light Jets typically have a capacity of 5-8 passengers. Light jets often have limited baggage capacities, not allowing for large items like skis or golf bags, making these aircraft most suited for business travel or those traveling with standard baggage weight allocations.

Here are some Light Jets available for charter:

DA-10 Falcon 10

CE-501 Cessna Citation

CE-525 Cessna Citation Jet 1 CJ1

CE-525C Cessna Citation Jet 4 CJ4

CE-550 Cessna Citation II

CE-550-B Cessna Citation Bravo

CE-560 Cessna Citation V

CE-560-E Cessna Citation Encore

CE-560-U Cessna Citation Ultra

LR-25B Learjet 35B

LR-31A Learjet 31A

LR-35A Learjet 35A

RA-390 Premier 1

Westwind 1


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