Mid-size jet for Charter

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Mid-size Jets

Mid-size jets typically have a capacity of 5-10 passengers. A mid-size jet provides greater cabin space, comfort and range. Some mid-size aircraft also have extra baggage pods to allow for travel with bulky items (i.e. skies, golf bags, etc).


Some Mid-size jet airplanes available for charter:

BD-100 Bombardier Challenger 300

CE-560-XL Cessna Citation Excel

CE-650 Cessna Citation IV

CE-650 III Cessna Citation III

CE-650-VII Cessna Citation VII

CE-680 Cessna Citation Sovereign

CE-750 Citation X

DA-20-5BR Falcon 20

G-100 Gulfstream 100

G-150 Gulfstream 150

G-200 Gulfstream 200

HS-125-700 Hawker 700

HS-125-800 Hawker 800 (XP)

LR-45 Learjet 45

LR-55 Learjet 55

LR-60 Learjet 60


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